Orthodontist in Clifton, NJ

LET’S GET BRACED… You’ve got a beautiful smile and at Dentistry for Children, we believe braces may help you really LOVE your smile. What do braces do? They help to align your teeth better and give you a nice BITE! Our board-certified orthodontist,
Dr. Rupali Shah, wants to help give you the best possible experience.

Orthodontics...How to Start

It’s as easy as 1…2…3!
We invite you to come in for 2-3 visits, approximately 30mins each:

Curly haired girl with braces

1. Free Consultation

The orthodontist will take a look into your mouth and determine if your teeth need some help to be aligned. We will look for crowding and spacing that can’t get better over time.

2. Records Appointment

We will need to take important X-rays, intra-oral photos, and an impression of your mouth to assess the growth and development of your teeth and jaw. These images help the orthodontist see developing teeth and around the head.

3. Free Comprehensive Evaluation

Have a chat with the orthodontist to come up with a plan of action. We’ll be able to give you all the details of our findings from your records appointment. We will also discuss the length of treatment and any fees / insurance-related info.

What's Next?

There’s no pressure. When you want to move forward, we’d be happy to create a contract and setup your first appointment! Please keep in mind, Records are only valid for a maximum of 6 months from the date they were taken.

Orthodontic FAQ