Dentistry for Children

Hall Technique

When providing pediatric dental care, our priority is making your child feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible. Treating cavities traditionally involves drilling and filling the affected tooth, which can include at least some level of discomfort. However, with the Hall technique, we can painlessly treat mild-to-moderate cavities in primary (baby teeth) while still improving your child’s dental experience.

The Hall technique is completely non-invasive and requires no injections. This procedure involves placing a stainless steel crown over your child’s tooth to seal the cavity off. Even though the cavity isn’t removed, the Hall technique will prevent the cavity from growing any bigger. 

We will typically suggest the Hall technique as an alternative if your child’s cavity is small, if the baby tooth will likely be replaced soon anyway, or if there are behavioral issues that outweigh the benefits of traditional techniques.

If the treatment is successful, your son or daughter can remain symptom-free until their tooth falls out naturally as they get older. It is essential to note that you will have to work alongside your child to keep the crown, gum tissue, and other areas of the mouth clean and free from bacteria.

The Hall technique will only work if your child’s cavity is caught in the early stages, which is why regular preventative checkups are always recommended. In the event of a larger cavity, it may be best for your son or daughter to undergo conventional treatment. We recommend speaking to your child’s dentist to see which treatment is best.

kid in front office with peace sign