Dentistry for Children

Early Orthodontics

When it comes to early orthodontics, at Dentistry for Children, our mission is straightforward: help your children achieve healthy smiles through quality orthodontic treatment when the time is right.  Sometimes the orthodontic treatment process needs to start early – and when that’s the case, we offer early orthodontic treatment to help Clifton kids get amazing smiles.

When To Get Evaluated

Most likely you’ve been curious when you should first take your child to the orthodontist. The American Association of Orthodontists recommends parents bring their children in for an initial evaluation at age 7. From here, we can identify developing issues of the teeth and jaws allowing us to choose the ideal time to create the quickest and most effective treatment. We won’t always start orthodontic treatment at this early age, but evaluating early gives us the ability to plan ahead.


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