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Curodont™ Repair Fluoride Plus

Curodont Repair Fluoride Plus offers a natural solution to rebuild and repair enamel as soon as initial signs of deterioration appear. This user-friendly and non-invasive treatment harnesses the power of a unique peptide to facilitate the natural remineralization of teeth. In contrast to fluoride, which primarily supports remineralization at the tooth’s surface, Curodont utilizes the patient’s own saliva, containing calcium, phosphate, and other minerals, to rebuild enamel all the way down to the depth of the lesion.

Rebuild and Repair at the First Signs of Breakdown

Families and young patients will value the intervention for early-stage tooth decay, as it avoids the need for painful drilling or staining. This approach has the potential to prevent the need for extensive and expensive treatments over the course of several years.

How It Works

Curodont initiates the remineralization of the desired enamel by utilizing its exclusive self-assembling peptide. This process begins within 5 minutes of application and progresses further in the subsequent weeks, enhancing the strength of the enamel. By effectively reaching the core of the lesion, the distinctive formula employs calcium and phosphate from the patient’s saliva to facilitate the growth of fresh hydroxyapatite.

Within a timeframe of 3-6 months, noticeable radiographic transformations occur. For optimal results, Curodont can be administered multiple times, with intervals of 3-6 months between each application. Additionally, it can be combined with fluoride treatment to maximize outcomes.

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